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Kokonati Talk was contracted by UNWomen in partnership with Amol’s Production to produce the documentary “Empowering Pacific Women through the marketplace”.


UN WOMEN implemented a program to 1) improve conditions for women in markets, and 2) develop strategies to help women market vendors influence market by-laws, tax revenue and expenditure, and local government budgets. The documentary involved following women farmers from Nasau, Tailevu and documenting their weekly routine of bringing produce into the city to sell and investigate cost-benefit analysis of this livelihood activity. 

As Co-Producer, we did the following:


  • On site reporter - travelled to the village of Nasau over a period of 6 months to conduct interviews with women farmers, villagers, family members and fellow market vendors in and around Suva and the Nausori corridor.

  • Scripting -  Led intensive consultations with post–production teams and UNWomen over a period of one year to finalise the script for the documentary narration.

  • Translation – hired and supervised a team of 2 translators over 4 months to transcribe and translate over 80 hours of raw footage captured during filming.  

  • Narration – In studio for 2 months with the post–production team narrating the final cut of the documentary.

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