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From 2015 to 2016 Kokonati Talk was hired to focus on working in partnership with UNICEF Pacific communications staff across the region and around the world to co-ordinate online communication efforts in support of significant events such as natural disasters, advocacy campaign launches, UN observances and report launches.  

Social Media Management 


  • Working to strengthen the overall capacity of UNICEF Pacific staff to effectively use and integrate strategic online communication in line with accepted principles, practices and standards, including engagement and capacity building of child and youth representatives in the communities UNICEF Pacific works to support.

  • Acting as an ambassador for UNICEF Pacific’s web content and social media activities, promoting them both inside and outside the organisations.

  • Identifying global and local trends and using that help with advocating UNICEF Pacific’s work in the region.

  • Using UNICEF’s systems to ensure that all communications materials are shared catalogued and backed up including mapping out new information architecture for UNICEF communications internal systems

  • Digital Ambassadors – identify Pacific influences with digital reach to advocate UNICEF Pacific agenda. Liaise with the Digital Ambassadors and identify opportunities in the social media landscape for ambassadors to advocate and lift UNCIEF Pacific’s advocacy profile.

  • Humanitarian Action – supporting the communications team to respond to disasters by capturing stories in the field and sharing on our social media platforms and networks. (All images  UNICEF/2016/Vlad Sokhin)

Below are links to the stories published on the UNICEF Pacific blog and front page of The Fiji Sun:


A terrifying dash into the eye of a cycloneA grandmother's sacrifice  | We have nothing  | Shelter from the storm

Below are links of videos we produced:

Toilets + Menstrual Hygiene Products = Girls Empowered | The Toilet Song

Toilets + Menstrual Hygiene Products = Girls Empowered

Toilets + Menstrual Hygiene Products = Girls Empowered

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