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8mountains Plush Dream

It’s not easy finding quality high end plus size clothes in Fiji. In fact it’s near impossible and because of that we’re practically best friends with local tailors at the Flea Market.

If you’re a plus size Fijian woman who is serious about having quality pieces that are true to our Pacific culture as well as modern and global then you know it’s a sure thing to invest in 8Mountains.

I am a huge fan of Moira Solvalu John the beautiful ‘Rotuman’ mind that is 8Mountains. Moira lives and breathes plus size fashion but most importantly she merges global trends with our culture and she interprets that well in the form that is the Fijian plus size women and she does this beautifully with her resort wear collection which showed at the Fiji Fashion Week Resort Wear Show last weekend at Sofitel, Nadi.

Ok I’m just gonna blurt it out...


To put into perspective, Moira Solvalu John’s FJFW15 collection ‘Kaunohoga’ uses Rotuman geometrical prints to represent family and the concept of keeping one’s relations close so they don’t drift away. The open inverted bure’s serve to display the non-nuclear family structure. Her brother David played a huge part in the printing process of the collection.

In her #IRWS15 collection she marries those #FJFW15 collection prints with new sharp geometric prints which translate well onto a lush ruby red colour that screams ‘danger’.

But for me it’s her high waist layering that screams ‘buy me…you know you want to’.

Well done Moira! I am gobsmacked at the awesomeness of your #IRW15 collection. What an achievement! And I could not agree more with Faraz Ali's review.

“8 Mountains Collection”. Moira Solvalu-John you have come leaps and bounds! What a joy to watch! Bravo! 9/10 ‪#‎irws15‬ ‪#‎fjfw‬

- Faraz Ali, FCF Chairman and Editor of Revolution Magazine



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