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Ilai Jikoiono is the creative mind behind the label ‘ZUBER’ which is set to debut at FJFW15 Trendsetters Show.‘ZUBER’ which means strong or powerful in Arabic will show their first collection ‘Hard’ for Spring/Summer 15.

Jikoiono has been an artist all his life, his talent completely natural and raw, he honed his skills and ability when he attended the International School Suva where he undertook a vigorous Visual Arts programme from year 7 to year 12.

“I have been emotionally and psychologically building this brand for 7 years, and now feel ready to share it, it has been a process of experimentation, which has led to the creation of something that I can now confidently say is representative of me as a designer, I feel like my maturity couple with the fact that I am artistically seasoned has led to this confidence, and my willingness to present myself through what I have created” said Jikoiono in an email interview.

“I’m not afraid to dream big. I know that it’ll be hard but If Colette Dinnigan can start in the Bondi Markets in Sydney and end up being invited to Paris Fashion week, who says a Fijian Designer cant achieve the same thing? I want this brand to be on the lips of stylists and bloggers all over the world. It can be done, I just have to stay focused and keep working hard, God will do the rest,” said Jikoiono.ZUBER is set to show on the 29th of May at the FJFW Trendsetters Show at the Vodafone Area. Tickets are available at 72 McGregor, Damodar City and the Vodafone Triangle.



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