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Bravo, VOU, Bravo!

I had the privilege of attending a private school (ISS) that had a kick ass music and arts program and I thrived under said program with Rock Challenge, art exhibitions and the infamous Mrs Naidu’s Trinity music classes and Mrs Liew badgering us into making those head lei’s.

My kids however are in the local school system and it’s sad to say that arts in the Fijian school system is non - existent and cue Vou Dance School led by the creative Sachiko and Eddie Soro.

I was actually pestering Sachiko for Island Dance lessons when Serah was 3 but alas she was too young.

2014 was the year of Vou for the Tangi kids. Serah started in Kids Creative and John my firstborn enrolled in the Hip Hop Class. Term 1 was awesome and short.

My daughter, Serah and son John (Kokonati Talk/2014/Tuidraki)

Term 2 however was the ‘Big Concert’ that everyone has been counting down to for 8 long weeks and MAAAAAANNNNN was I sooo pleased.

With the theme around the world is 80 days family and friends were treated to a musical and dance treat from EVERYWHERE!

From Jamaica to India to Rio to 'Ummrica’ love love love. I am going to biased here my daughter had the cutest wings made by me and my son’s reggaeton hip hop show was just onzzzz ca.

Super proud of my DIY Wings (Kokonati Talk/2014/Tuidraki)

But what I want to talk about specifically is the platform Sachiko and Eddie provide to these children to explore and express their creative juices. Words cannot express the awe at how you and the VOU team deliver this platform every term.



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