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What VOU Dance School has taught me

It's been 3 years since Serah my now 8-year-old daughter has been enrolled in a VOU Dance class. Don't ask me why we took that long a break, life happens and you don't make time.

This year my niece enrolled in the Nadi VOU Dance School and as you guessed we all attended the concert in Nadi and my daughter could not shut up about enrolling in classes.

Concert time, Serah with her BFF Iris (Asvin Singh/2017/Vou FB Page)

Fast forward to Term 2 of classes and as such we've force lined her BFF's (daughters of my BFF, Mue) to join as well. Let me tell you, doing this has opened my eyes and appreciated what attending dance classes has done for my daughter.

Here are the things I've noticed:

She's organized, on Sunday night and Tuesday night like clockwork she packs her sulu, water bottle and flip flops into her bilum and sets it by the door.

My daughter has learnt punctuality (because she's learnt to tell the time). I usually turn up at school for her pick up at 3pm if I am one minute late, she huffs and puffs about traffic and being late. Yes, I created the 'time, monster.

There is an expressiveness in her that lights up when she hears a song. I can be sitting in the lounge reading a book, a song will come on and she gets up and starts dancing. I pretend to read as I scope her silently out of my peripheral vision and it's a beautiful thing to watch.

Serah is in the local school system which has a basic arts program if it can be called that. I was fortunate to experience a robust arts curriculum at International School Suva and so being the recipient of that I am a supporter of the arts which is why I fork out money to give my kids that experience.

You should too, cause at the end of the day it makes your kid's life richer.



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