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An ode to Serah

Dear Serah,

When you made your grand entrance into the world, I was knocked out with some really good drugs but your father was waiting in the halls of CWM Hospital to catch a glimpse of you.

The nurse walked out of the OR holding all 5kgs of you and said to your father ‘Would you like to meet your daughter?’

From that moment on your father and I were catapulted into a whirlwind journey of diapers, spaghetti and a love for 'Tangled' and 'Moana'.

9 short years have flown by 

I blinked and a mini me has blossomed right before my eyes.

You may have my sass but your father’s innate  gentleness is threaded in your DNA.

You are conscientious,

Your are beautiful inside and out

You are funny 

Your are stubborn (like me)

You are caring

But most of all you love unconditionally. 

Here's to the rest of your life and witnessing what an awesome human you've turned out to be!



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