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ANZ FETA 2017 has upped it's game in fashion diplomacy by supporting local designers. This year the 6 designers that were featured in the 'ANZ Fashion ATM's' were also asked to dress one model to feature and assist with the awards ceremony and voilà the #ANZFETAGirls were born and dare I say the beginning of a new tradition.

The Fiji Tourism Excellence Awards has a rich history which spans decades of the tourism industry. We have family companies in the tourism industry that are being run by the second or third generation.

So my two cents worth is take a leaf out of the Golden Globes history which is to look at the next generation of actors, their up and coming starlets to help with the awards ceremony. The tradition stems back to 1963 and notable title holders are Melanie Griffifth her daughter Dakota Johnson and Freddie Prinze Jnr to name a few.

How fantastic would it be to look back on not just the winners but the list of their up and coming tourism stars both men and women!

Back to the original #ANZFETAGirls, Amber Wardell, Charlene Tafanu'i (Miss World Fiji 2014), Angie Furivai, Tatiana Kunkel, Joyce Emberson and Ana. These young ladies were the epitome of grace and elegance as our LIVE mannequins at the entrance of the event.

Amber wore Samson Lee's 'Ika' print which debuted at Style Fiji 2017 the green fishtail matching lace made a gorgeous silhouette. Tatiana wore ZUBER Fiji by designer Ilai Jikoiono, his new print features the 'Iri' a homage to the Fijian fan, the vibrant blue, a show stopper on stage. Charlene wore Robert Kennedy Fiji and Robert did not disappoint with his flare to accessorize with a gorgeous magimagi cape with stunning masi flowers topped off with a pearl shell crown adorned with masi flowers, Pacific chicness! Angie was flawless representing Rotuma in 8mountains by Moira Solvalu-John with a black backless fish tail number which had the signature 8mountains gold print. Joyce wearing KuiViti by Epeli Tuibeqa was channeling a dark jungle look with his one off print of his last season's collection, a departure from his normally bright vibrant prints, very 'lady of the night' and I dug it. Last but not least is the statuesque Ana in Hupfeld Hoerder's gorgeous 50's inspired dress with his signature print and mini veil.

Great night with great fashion celebrating Fiji tourism!



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